How Careers like That of Jim Plante Highlight the Versatility and Variety of Technology

Many young people today focus their sights on careers in technology, with opportunities of undoubted number, scope, and scale awaiting them. While some assume that becoming a devoted technologist must necessarily mean focusing narrowly for many years, that does not always turn out to be the case. In fact, some of the most notable and successful technology leaders and entrepreneurs of recent times have displayed an impressive range and variety over the course of their careers. Well known technology investor and entrepreneur Jim Plante, for example, has successfully guided businesses of quite different kinds to achieve even more impressive things.

Plante got his start as an independent investor and business leader by helping to arrange and participate in the acquisition of company that was already well established. With a long list of clients worldwide at that point, Beltronics was universally acknowledged as a top performer in the field of millimeter-spectrum radar. With a degree in Electrical Engineering to his name, along with years of related professional experience, the thirty year old Plante was well positioned to help the company produce even more impressive returns for its owners.

Not long after, he turned his focus in a new direction, having become impressed with the potential latent in wireless communications over the under-utilized 7080 gigahertz band. Founding a brand new business with the help of partners, the investor flexed his entrepreneurial instincts in highly successful fashion. With the young business quickly growing to command a significant slice of the global market, impressive returns soon followed.

Having made a mark in two distinctively differentiated industries already, the entrepreneur settled on a third. With vehicle safety systems having not yet benefited from everything that the technology of the time could deliver, the 2004 launch of SmartDrive Systems brought much needed stimulus to the industry. As commercial fleet owners and others came on board with the company’s sophisticated, sensor-based real-time platform, the valuation of the business ballooned by over 12,000 percent.

Since then, the same entrepreneur has gone on to make an equally significant contribution to the field of genomics. With each successive project bringing something new and interesting to the table, a career like this proves that focusing on technology does not need to mean ever becoming stagnant.